Friday, August 7, 2009

Elemobi is a Scam

Do Not Buy From This Company!

Elemobi - trading online from China at and at Email addresses and - is an online scam and a fraud.

Apparently also now trading as (check out the "About Us" page).

Once the order has been placed and the money banked, they follow up with an email informing you that there has been a problem - that the goods have been held up by Chinese Customs because they suspect that they are being smuggled. They assure you that if you send them another 120 Euros, the matter can be "resolved".

Avoid them at all costs - you will simply be giving them money.

See also the updates at these fraud-monitoring sites:

Check out these sites for how these parasites hijack email accounts to spread word of their site:

Also, check out this discussion thread on the Whirlpool Forum.


  1. Hi I paid for a Blackberry and they told me that I have to buy 2 more pieces and never send my phone and they won´t make a refund money. Elemobi is a fraud.
    Every day I see that web page and I ask about my order up to they leave the chat off line.
    Every boby have to do it every day.

  2. Yes - they are definitely a bunch of crooks. Make sure you let everyone know.

  3. eu tambem comprei 2 produtos e eles nunca me inviaram, agora nem falam mais comigo, ele mbi e uma fraude

  4. please what is gone on now.
    10 month ago I bought for u 385 euro
    u dont give my item do u want something
    with me it is stealing are human being
    otherwise i know who are u i coming recently
    but before give me my money